Some comments on last two week's lessons

January 17, 2015, 07:52 AM posted in General Discussion

First, I'm glad to see new lessons being produced in roughly the format I've come to know and love.  The rest is, I hope, constructive criticism.

The volume is too low.  I had trouble understanding what was being said in the dialogs, until I opened them up in a sound editor and increased the volume.  And here, I thought it was your Taiwan accents.

Now that I can actually hear clearly, for me the very carefully enunciated, and slowly spoken advanced lessons sound stilted to me.  I think you may be doing this to make this level more accessible, which is probably for the better.  However, it sounds like you are reading a text, rather than saying something spontaniously.  I think the voice acting aspect of these lessons needs some work.  BTW, I've been relistening to a lot of the old advanced lessens in the library.  They also sound stilted to me.  So, 慢慢来。

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