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December 23, 2014, 01:01 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi, I am fairly new to ChinesePod and am starting out on my journey into learning Mandarin. I am getting married in the New Year and would like to say a few words in Mandarin at the start of my speech - my partner's mother is originally from China and the Chinese family is flying over for the wedding. Any corrections/improvements to the below would be enormously appreciated...

谢谢光临 | xièxie guānglín | Thank you for coming

我希望你享受喜酒 | Wǒ xīwàng nǐ xiǎngshòu xǐjiǔ | I hope you are enjoying the wedding feast
I have seen one phrase on one of the lessons but I think it may be too complex for me at this stage...
能与相爱的人白头偕老是一件多么幸福的事啊 | néng yǔ xiāngài de rén báitóuxiélǎo shì yī jiàn duōme xìngfú de shì a | To be able to live together until your old age in marital bliss with the one you love is a very happy thing
So I was thinking instead of saying something along the lines of...

It means a lot to Sarah and I that you are here today

I am honoured to become part of the family

Any help/translations for those phrases would be greatly appreciated. And then I was thinking of finishing with...

敬酒 | Wǒ jìngjiǔ Sarah | I propose a toast to Sarah

Thanks very much Chinese Pod Community!

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