Intermediate class at Eastwood

May 26, 2014, 10:58 AM posted in General Discussion

Hi guys

Anyone interested in the Eastwood area to join a class on Saturday afternoon from 2:15pm - 4:30pm. 

We do some video work, textbook work, its a friendly group. Student level from elementary to intermediate, teacher mostly speak chinese to you, less english, a lot of the texts are in chinese chars. 

We have 5 in our class if we slip under 5 we cannot continue so its borderline for next term. We still have 3 weeks to go so if you wanted to drop in and see if it is for you. Details on the website below. Our class is "Level 6".

I don't get any commission :). It is just really difficult to find classes that are intermediate level to supplement my chinesepod study. 



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