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May 12, 2014, 11:48 AM posted in General Discussion

I would greatly appreciate if someone from Cpod could let me know when they are going to fix the Iphone app. It used to be excellent, and was be far my preferred way of using ChinesePod. The new app is completely unusable, and I know many other users have already expressed their frustration. The things that make it unusable for me are:

1. The home screen should either be a from menu (like before) or go straight to my saved lessons

2. I don't want the big boxes for each lesson as you can only see six lessons on the screen.

3. The old app used to have the pictures, which made it much easier to find what you are looking for as the humna brain can recognise a picture much quiker than reading titles

4. There does not seem to be any logical order in the saved lessons view. Chronologically or Alphabetically would make it easier to find the lesson I have saved.

5. When I scroll down, it sometimes add more lessons to the bottom, or mysteriously takes them away. So when I am loooking for a particular saved lesson, there is no guarantee that I will even find it

6. On the old App, with one strike of the finger I could download the entire lesson (albeit only a minor inconvenience)

Any information on what is happening to rectify these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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