typing in chinese

March 13, 2014, 11:29 PM posted in General Discussion

its a pain typing in chinese!


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March 13, 2014, 11:11 PM

Why is that?  If you know pinyin then typing in Chinese shouldn't be a problem, unless you are using other input methods.

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It is a problem if you don't recognise all the characters.

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You can get inputs which will give you the right characters based on the sentence you put in i.e. the one is use which is sougou.

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The input for the iphone is great. I use the pinyin one and the one where you can draw the character. Great for reading street signs etc! On PC I just use Microsoft's regular pinyin input method.

There's a few tricks to make typing Chinese easier if you aren't completely sure which character to choose from the list.

1) You can type the whole sentence in pinyin and the predictive text will pick all the correct characters 90% of the time based on how often people use them together.

2) You can just type the first letter of each character in a long word and it will pick the most likely characters from that.

3) You can type out your whole sentence, choose the characters then run it through Google translate to make sure it really says what you intended. For example, if you chose the character for "mother" rather than "horse" it will be very obvious in the translation.