Flashcards - multiple entry issues

February 26, 2014, 06:25 AM posted in General Discussion

Now i have ammased over 1000 flashcards which i actively cycle through on Pleco. The problem is my retention of these words is never going to reach 100% and sometimes words used in different contexts have completely different meanings. 

 The  flashcard system on the site is good but it doesnt accept multiple entries. Although i've put all other flashcards into different categories based on lessons, when I'm looking at a new lesson and choose to add new cards/card i dont remember, the deck refuses to re-add the word if its been added once to a different deck. 

This is a problem because i want to add the card to a new deck im about to study, so I have a better chance of retention.

The are 2 solutions ive found to this issue:-

1. Individually go through the 1000's of cards until you find the offending word and then add it individually to a second deck.

2. Back up all card decks to computer and delete them all off chinese pod. That way there will never be a problem with cards not being added to a new deck. 


Both solutions are unfavourable, and i wish there was a better path. But im leaning towards option 2 due to time constraints. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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