Lang-8 Website

November 06, 2012, 11:23 AM posted in General Discussion

Lately I came across a pretty cool website called  As this website does not really deal with the same things as Chinesepod, I think it should be alright to advertise it here.  So basically it's a website where you can go on and write blogs and then native speakers will correct your work, and you also have the opportunity to correct other people's work too.  If you are multilingual then you can submit blogs in those languages too, it's not just limited to a few languages.  I've been using it recently to try out my kind of essay style writing and I've surprised myself with how much support and how quick people are to help me.  I also help other people with their English and sadly no other language as I can only speak two languages.

So check out if you have some time, I think it's a really cool idea for a website.  If you have already discovered this website then just ignore everything I've said and continue using it.

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