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People worldwide have accepted the Dracula and vampire movies since many years. Even the typecast movies became greatest Hollywood hits. The situation for the twilight series has been no different. Based on the best-selling novels by one of the best-selling authors, the twilight movies were amongst the most anticipated and it is very certain that these fantasy novels will continue to create spark among the readers and viewers worldwide.




Millions of novels have earned a special place in the hearts of people around the globe and the twilight series too have done the same. The twilight movies are a combination of love story and fiction regarding the existence of vampires as written by Stephanie Mayer. 

The twilight tale is based on the strange love concept between a vampire and a human. The story revolves around the life of Bella swan which changes drastically when she falls in love with Edward who is a vampire. The story in the novel is written as a narration by Bella herself. The novel signifies the extent of purity in Edward?s love and his excitement to be with Bella forever. 



In this movie, the vampires from the Cullen family consider them to be vegetarians and gorge on animal blood only, unlike the ones from outside the city who crave for human blood. The last part of the novel includes a scene where the vampires James and Victoria try to attack Bella and the Cullen?s come forward to protect her as she is considered a part of their family. Edward then helps her escape to Phoenix, Arizona. James is then killed in the confrontation with the Cullen?s.




The twilight series has beaten many records world wide. The movies from the twilight novels have been the much anticipated ones. All the three parts were loved by the audiences worldwide. Record how that nearly 50 million copies of this series have been sold around the globe till date. The famous series is available in around 37 different languages. The twilight novels have entered the list of one of the best-selling novels in United States. The books have even topped the best-selling record for 3 consecutive years in the US till 2008. This clearly signifies the success of the twilight series.




The novel gathered million of fans across the globe. The twilight merchandise like shirts, posters and jewellery too has become very popular among the youth. Social networking has given rise to a lot of fan sites for the movies. Readers can get all the information about the series on these sites and can also post their blogs and comments if they want to. They can even get their thoughts, pictures of their choice etc printed on mugs and shirts. These facilities are making the twilight novels and movie more and more popular.




So, if you haven?t read the novel or seen the movie yet, then you are surely missing something. 



If you still haven?t read this great fantasy novel, you should really start reading it now. It?s for sure that you will be searching for the Twilight fansites as soon as you finish reading the novel







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