Neko's Journal August 2012

August 02, 2012, 01:43 PM posted in General Discussion

2012/8/1   大家好,我叫neko。其实这是日语单词“ねこ”的罗马字,中文意思是“猫”。


千里之行始于足下,废话不多说先记一下今天的流水账吧!(how to translate?)


hello every one ,I'm Neko.Actually,the name is from a word of Japanese ねこ.The meaning is cat.

I  learned English 4 years ago,but have almost forgotten the language in the 4 years.Now I want to restart my study.After reading the dairies here(I have come here 1 year ago and tried to write journal ,but because of the exam,I bagged the plan.),I want to restart my English learning by writing journal.

 Well,the longest jouney begins with a single step.

After woking up Gin at 8 :10,I tried to get up but yesterday I went to bed so late that it’s too hard to get up until it was 10 o'clock.Then I had breakfast and started to read news.After that,I went to shopping with my friends and had lunch in the afternoon(well,I should get up early from tomorrow…)












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August 05, 2012, 05:51 AM

After waking up…(woke is past tense of wake ). I woke up tired.


Then I had breakfast and started to read news.    Started to read the news.


After that, I went to shopping with ..   After that I went shopping with ….no need to use to.