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July 18, 2012, 05:09 AM posted in General Discussion

Hey, just noticed that when you go on a users profile page [it that's what you call it] it now has 3 categories [previously just one...all comments I think]. How long has this been in place? I don't go on that section often. It looks like the all activity is a sum of comments [on lessons or to others comments I guess] and user posts [new threads you've started yourself I guess]. I guess this is may help to navigate to something at some stage. I'm also curious that next to my all activity tab there is an rss symbol and yet some others don't seem to have this...why is this so? is there a set number of comments you need to make before this is triggered? ...and would anyone really rss feed someones comments rather than just follow the site? tianah !!

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July 18, 2012, 06:17 AM


My recollection is that there were two tabs before: A. all activity and B. user posts. Or .. A and C. Comments. ... :)

If A and B is correct, the new one is C. 'Comments' - which seems to be A - B. The difference between A and C is marginal because most people do not initiate many posts. But ... no doubt there was a good argument put forward by someone to justify the enhancement. Like you I rarely go to this, but interestingly I would go to other poddies tabs much more often than my own - I know what I have posted but sometimes I remember someone posting something, somewhere ... and going there gives you half a chance of finding it. Does not substitute for a seach function though. 

Yeah, the rss - I don't know. Maybe I would want to follow a teacher, like Connie. Do team members have a page? Seems akin to stalking, and my inbox is already full of stuff I don't read.   

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July 18, 2012, 06:31 AM

Ok, Connie has a page, but I can't see any rss feed ... maybe she doesn't want me to follow her? :)

She has something written in her profile that is potentially cool I haven't seen before:

工作并快乐着 - what does this mean?

Working and being happy? (I am guessing that the 着 is zháo). Could it be工作着并快乐着 gōngzuò zhe bìng kuàilè zháo - well obviously not; I am just tryng to understand both the meaning and the grammar.

If (I am) 'working and being happy', ... wow - how many people can say that? It is everybody's ideal, but so few of us are able to say it with feeling. Most people would have their moments, but we are unlikely to write it down like a motto. Maybe we should.

Any thoughts?