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July 07, 2012, 03:01 AM posted in General Discussion

If at all possible you should create a podcast about board games. I recently have been going to this bar that has a lot of board games. Thats a great way to build vocabulary and practice with locals. But I don't know the words of what I'm playing with, dice, piece, turn. These are all good vocabulary you should incoroprate into a future lesson.



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July 11, 2012, 08:05 AM

I think there's a few users that would support this suggestion, especially Rich. I have played 桌游 quite a bit with the locals, so I'll list a few words that I've learned.

色子 shǎizi dice

回合 huíhé round

轮到你 lúndàonǐle your turn

零件/配件 língjiàn/pèijiàn pieces

资源 zīyuán resources

行动 xíngdòng action

拍卖 pāimài auction

游戏规则 yóuxìguīzé game rules

洗牌 xǐpái to shuffle the cards

玩家 wánjiā player

去掉 qùdiào to get rid of (trash)

叫外卖 jiàowàimài order takeout


I add that last one because we almost always do :)


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Hey, sorry for the late comment. Saw your PM babyeggplant but hadn't a chance to reply. Great list of vocab for board games! I miss playing with you and Jing. We'll have to get together before the summer ends!