How to input Chinese in Word.

June 29, 2012, 07:17 AM posted in General Discussion

I can type the Radical (tǔ)  but how do I type it on its own when it is altered with a slightly raised foot as it appears in (chǎng) What is the pinyin used to generate that character ?


Also I can type the Radical   using the pinyin “pi” ,however when I high light it and use format in Word to put the pinyin above the character it gives this as the pinyin (yǎ)  So why does it do that and what does ”ya” mean?  I cant understand why I can use “pi” to produce the character but it then gives “ya” and the pinyin.


Finally does anybody know how I can show in Word the stroke order of a character in sequence so that you can see how  the character is written step by step. Is there a special software for that ? 

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