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June 22, 2012, 06:28 PM posted in General Discussion

If anyone has an iPad or iPhone and likes old RPGs, chrono trigger is available in chinese translation in the app store (it's in Chinese as long as you set your iPad to Chinese, though I'm not sure this is determined by language setting when purchasing or when playing, safest to do both, or just leave it set).  

Very very fun, and the translation seems good (only mistake found so far is in the early 'trial scene' when they ask you something like '看到她的财产是不是让你眼红' they reversed the affirming/denial nature of the sentence, so 是的 is the right answer to deny interest in her money.  I got confused as to why the prosecutor was replying 你倒是挺坦白, though it didn't seem meant as sarcasm, so a reload replay made it clear...

Anyway, chrono trigger is a classic, and this way you can tell yourself it counts as studying;)

(secret of mana and one of the final fantasies, maybe 5, is also available in chinese, though very sadly, final fantasy tactics is only available in English)





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June 23, 2012, 04:38 AM

WHAT! This is the most amazing find I have ever seen. Thank you.

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June 23, 2012, 08:08 PM

I am really happy about finding it in Chinese too - I can't really play English video games anymore because of the feelings of crushing guilt about wasting that much time that inevitably come afterwards...I'd tried playing 仙剑三 but it felt way too linear, I like a game that provides some choice, else there is no feeling of exploration.

Btw, I'd recommend popping in some good listening practice material to sort of pay half attention to during the battles and walking around parts.

I really hope they translate final fantasy tactics at some point (linear but such fun and challenging battles), though I was able to find a fan made dialogue translation of the entire game, was actually the first thing I read after installing pleco...the second was a translation of tactics ogre dialogue, and I'm currently reading 仙剑四's transcript, I love these games;)

Btw, there is one truly amazing rpg that came out in china in 2002, drawn from the novel of the same name, 天龙八部 (the first one, not the later sequels...easily found by searching for 天龙八部单机). It honestly makes baldurs gate series look linear...I've never played quite as free a game, they just drop you in a world and let you explore. The combat is a bit simple and not well balanced, but the story is amazing and they just let you explore all of china and major cities and locations at will....I would say its easily the best rpg china has yet produced.