Construction Quiz

May 31, 2012, 10:58 PM posted in General Discussion

Exercise score = 97%, 37/38 points.

Matching: All correct.

Sentence reordering: All correct.

Dictation: 3 out of 4 correct.

I really did not remember or understand sentence #4. I wrote 他没钱交方住。方度以来,他修躲起来Instead of 他没钱交房租,房东一来,他就躲起来I used fang1 (square/quadrilateral/direction/just) and zhu4 (to live/to dwell/to reside/to stop) just because those characters were in the dialog. But the right word was fang2zu1 (rent money), which makes sense with 没钱 mei2qian2jiao1 (no money to deliver or pay). I used the wrong fang, again in the nonsense phrase 方度以 fang1du4yi3lai2 (square+degree+since+to come) instead of 房东一 fang2dong1 (landloard) (no sooner than come/as soon as the landlord comes).Then I heard/wrote xiu1 (repair) [pronounced “shyow”] instead of jiu4 (right away) [pronounced “jyoe”].

Multiple Choice: All correct.

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