Finally Back to Quizzes

May 24, 2012, 09:56 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi Helen,

I finally got back to taking a quizz. Here are my notes.

Exercise – Negotiating with a TaoBao Merchant

I got 88%; 36/41 points.

Matching – All correct.

Sentence Reordering – 8 out of 12 correct. I put the questions and answers about shipping fees too far down.

Dictation – 3 out of 4 correct:

I wrote 我写了几个中文句子,麻烦你帮我-改一下Instead of 我写了几个中文句子,麻烦你帮我修改一下I tried everything I could think of to spell a “show” sound and never found “xiu1”for 修改 xiu1gai3 (to revise). After several minutes I finally just gave up and left out that character.

Multiple Choice: All 10 correct.


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