Why is handwriting for 百 different to the textbooks I've read?

May 12, 2012, 09:32 AM posted in General Discussion

Hi There.

I've been learning characters for about 1 year, and I've come across an issue, which I find quite confusing.

Why are some characters such as 的,百,白 written differently when handwriting, compared to computer print, or the calligraphy drawings in text books? For the above characters I'm referring to the downward, towards left-hand side stroke.  My private tutor (and I've also asked girls at work to verify) that they should be written as below.  But in several online dictionaries, Tuttle Learning Chinese Charaters text book and Skritter (on-line character flashcard software) doesn't mention this method at all - it matches the characters printed above, ie there is no overlaps past the square.

Could you please let me know your opinions, on how they should be handwritten, and/or why other learning resources don't mention this?


Thanks so much!!

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