How to try?

April 02, 2012, 04:58 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi, I wanted to see what ChinesePod has to offer before buying.  In the FAQ it says:

"We offer around 30 free lessons for you to try out before making the purchase. You will enjoy Premium access to a number of lessons at each level."

I am not able to find any lessons what have premium access.   On the website, all of the newbie lessons I've looked at do not allow me to access at anything, even when I'm logged in.   Every link says it requires basic or premium access.   On the Android app, every lesson shows only "Introduction" and "Discussion", but all the other links like "listen", "dialog", "vocabulary" etc are unavailable.

Please advise on how I can try out these free lessons with premium access, as described in the FAQ.

Thank you.




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