Gun safety terminology?

January 26, 2012, 01:45 AM posted in I Have a Question

This probably isn't an issue for the average foreigner in China but I thought I'd ask. My father in-law is visiting my wife and I here in Virginia, and I thought it might be fun to act like true Virginians and visit the firing range.

Anyway,since I may have to be the translator I was wondering if anyone knew common/basic terminology or common phrases about guns, gun safety, targets, types of guns (rifles, pistols, shotguns,etc.)?

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February 03, 2012, 04:24 AM

guns -枪

gun safety - 枪保险

targets - 靶, or 目标

rifles - 来福枪

pistols - 手枪

shotguns - 散弹枪 or 猎枪

You can search for "枪 translation" in google for more Chinese translation in this field, you'll find pictures with both Chinese and English annotation on them easily.