first time visit to Beijing

September 14, 2011, 07:46 PM posted in General Discussion

I am planning to visit Beijing to meet my new girl there either end of September or October. she is limited in English and I am just learning some Chinese. we wrote through an agency who translated our letters. I might end up marrying her.

I guess it is kind of a blind date since we never communicated directly nor used webcam nor skype but only through online dating service.

It would be my first time in China since i am not using any credit card, should I bring Dollars into China or should I exchange it first here locally. Should I rent a car and be able to drive there or just get local transportation? no experience in that part of traveling.

Any idea about how to go about getting a visa and for how long? I might end up staying In China for good but I am open to any new ideas.

could use some suggestion since I feel I can be lost in that part of the neighborhood. my email address is

thank you for your help.



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