Receiving Unsubscribed Lesson Updates

September 13, 2011, 08:25 PM posted in General Discussion

First, I apologize. I'm a casual user who only logs on now and then to do my lessons. I don't pay much attention to news or what's going on in the message board...So my question may have been asked already (i tried to do a quick search but I log on so rarely I have no idea how to use the messages properly).

I just noticed today that I'm receiving updates for Intermediate and Upper Intermediate lessons - but I'm not subcribed to either of these.

Is Chinesepod in the midst of reformatting or something?

Also, with the 'new version' of Chinesepod, how does one search the lessons? I see tabs at the top for Home, Community, Store and Tools but no Library. Whassup with that?

Thank you for your time.


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September 14, 2011, 07:40 AM

Hi Nicky,

We changed the new lesson emails from opt-in to opt-out, which you can do in the notification email itself. We did this to increase users' exposure to the learning content.

We did switch to a new store format last week. The biggest change being the "store" tab which allows you to renew your subscription or buy new products in a shopping cart format. We want to minimize the disruption for users, so besides merging "Lessons" and "Home", how you actually get lessons have not changed much. You can access all the lessons by going to "Home", clicking on "library" in your dashboard. The rest is like how it worked before. Next week I will write a blog-post detailing these changes.



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Awesome. Thanks Jenny. :) I was a wee bit confused and unfortunately I'm pretty set in my ways - once I learn a system I find it hard to relearn! HAHA. Guess that means I'm old. :