Willford's Conversations: What is your job?

August 11, 2011, 12:10 PM posted in General Discussion

Below is a dialogue in response to the question "What is your job?" I encourage you to offer critiques of my response and leave your own. I thought this may be a good way for poddies to practice!


B:是。我是生意人。我是办公室的经理。我们的公司生产翻译的软件 (ruan3jian4: software)

A:经济危机 (wei1ji1: crisis) 对你的生意有很大影响吗?

B:当然有了。国内售货降低了。国外竞争也更激烈了。把几个雇工(gu4gong1:employee)解雇(jie3gu4:to lay off)了。所以我们必须更努力工作。对我来说美国的政府还没有发达好的解决。

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August 11, 2011, 03:07 PM

After some more study, I wonder if the following changes would be better:

For domestic sales I used 国内售货. I wonder if 国内销售 (guonei xiaoshou) would be better.

Also, I noticed that Chinesepod uses 员工 (yuangong) for employee instead of 雇工. I am not sure which is more common.