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阳光升我钻出了被窝 打开灯只看到了外婆 一分两分三分四分

我也不关心又关了灯 想到梦里面碰到的哪是谁 随手抓起了床头的白开水

我拼了命地喝 我拼了命地咳  发现枕头掉了 时间到了 当市民在路口穿梭

开始爬上自己的单车 全都是无头的苍蝇 没人让我 无可奈何

天空中大妈的声音 她好像在对我叮咛 把头发竖起竖起 当我自己 我不再看你

Refrein : 都为了什么你们在为谁那么的累


看你们上班的滋味 不在乎孩子的体会

蓝天 白天 每天谁是我的依偎


For the advanced Chinese "podders" :D could you please translate it
it's a song

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July 07, 2011, 02:46 PM
can anyone please translate this?


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July 07, 2011, 08:22 PM

Translating lyrics is always hard. Here is my attempt:

阳光升我钻出了被窝 As the sun rises, I dig myself out of the bedsheets.

打开灯只看到了外婆 When I turn on the light, all I see is my grandmother.

一分两分三分四分 One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes,

我也不关心又关了灯 without a second thought, I turn off the lights again.

想到梦里面碰到的哪是谁 thinking about who the person I bumped into in my dream was.

随手抓起了床头的白开水 In passing, I grasp the cup of hot water on my bedside table

我拼了命地喝 and drink like crazy,

我拼了命地咳 cough like crazy,

发现枕头掉了 and discover that the pillow is missing.

时间到了 The time has come

当市民在路口穿梭 to be a citydweller, shuttling through intersections,

开始爬上自己的单车 to start getting on my own bike,

全都是无头的苍蝇 There are headless flies everywhere,*

没人让我 无可奈何 there is no one who takes my options away.

天空中大妈的声音 There is the voice of my aunt in the sky.

她好像在对我叮咛 She seems to be instructing me

把头发竖起竖起 to put my hair up,

当我自己 be myself,

我不再看你 I am not looking at you anymore.


都为了什么你们在为谁那么的累 Why are you tiring yourself on others' behalf

曾经梦想的生活不该那么无味 the life you once dreamed of shouldn't be this dull

看你们上班的滋味look at how it feels to go to work,

不在乎孩子的体会 not caring for what the children have realized.

蓝天 白天 每天谁是我的依偎 Blue sky, daytime, who can I lean on every day.

* On 百度知道, I found the following explanation of the phrase 无头苍蝇:人们用无头苍蝇来形容做事没什么头绪的人像只无头苍蝇似的到处乱飞乱撞。 ("We use the phrase 'headless flies' to describe people who are acting without a seeming rationale, flying about and bumping into things like flies without heads.")

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wow :)

doafeishi, thank you so much !