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June 02, 2011, 07:20 AM posted in General Discussion

Hi all,

I wonder does anyone recommend a good study structure for newbies.  Should you just start with earliest podcasts and then move forward or should you concentrate on certain podcasts first to gain a good grasp of the language.  Should you start with the tonal lesson sets first? I find myself moving forwards and back picking out which podcasts I think would benefit me and most relevant but maybe I am missing out on some groundwork.  There is so many podcasts there I dont know where to start.  Any advice would be welcome.



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June 02, 2011, 08:44 AM


I definitely recommend getting a grasp of tones and pinyin as you are starting out. At the same time, listen to dialogue-based lessons. The lessons on this page is a good place to start as they cover the most high frequency topics. We are actually compiling courses for learners at various levels, which will be gradually rolled out.  


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Ni hao Jenny

Xiexie tigong xinsi!

I will take this advice on board and many thanks for taking the time to reply. Like so many before me I find the podcasts a really enjoyable learning experience! Let the journey begin!

Zaijian - or as we say in my native tongue - slan go foill

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*Correction - just noticed - should be xiexie tigong xinxi - sorry about that!