Need Chinese Elementary Level PenPal!

June 01, 2011, 04:37 PM posted in General Discussion


I am in need of someone to practice Chinese with! Whether just through text or through Skype, it doesn't matter. I'm just now starting the elementary course, and I just want to make sure I keep in touch with all the lessons by practicing dialogue/writing with someone else! That way, I keep my Chinese as fluent as it can be while still learning new material without having to review every day via flashcards to ensure I remember the old lessons.

If you would like to become my penpal, please message me and let me know! =)


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June 02, 2011, 04:32 AM

I could try..I don't know how to write the characters on my computer yet.  I am shy about speaking, but really want to practice too.  I studied for 3 years with a tutor but that was 3 years ago.  I just decided this month to start up again and chinesepod seemed like the easiest way to go.  I started in elementary but dropped back down to newby pretty quickly.  I've worked my way back up to elementary.  


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Go here to type Chinese =)

I just recently worked my way up to Elementary, too! We should be at the perfect level for each other, lol.

Um.. well, we could communicate through Skype, or email..? I mean, for speaking we would definitely have to use Skype or Google Talk or something. But if you just wanna practice writing or something, we could do it through email.

Mine is

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June 02, 2011, 05:08 AM

hi, i'm new here. it's really an interesting place. actually, i'm a chinese and i'll go to usa for my collage. i'd like to make friends with foreign people to learn more about the brand new country and to communicate. maybe i can help you. do you have qq? this is a very popular tool to chat in the internet. if you have qq number, you can make friend with me, my qq number is 641083792 . whats more, my mail is

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June 07, 2011, 06:57 PM - elementary learner looking for people to practice with:) Thanks