Filtering on unlabelled vocab

May 21, 2011, 03:14 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi all, is there a way to filter my CPod vocab on just the vocab that I have not labelled yet?  I'm trying to cut my 4000+ vocab up into 100 vocab chunks for easy import into Anki.  However, every time I label a page of 100 items, Cpod website resets me to page 1 and I have to manually scroll through to the relevant unlabelled page.  This scrolling takes an inordinate amount of time because I can't for example jump straight to page 15 of my vocab because CPod only shows the first and last few pages at the bottom.  If I could quickly filter on my unlabelled vocab then it would save me having to load multiple pages of already labelled vocab to get back to my last position.

The above is probably a little garbled, but if anyone understands what i'm getting at, I would be very appreciative of any help!

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