March 25, 2011, 11:22 PM posted in General Discussion

I read in the news China has blocked some vpn's.  I have gone a long time without using my computer that has a vpn installed.  Just now I noticed my witopia vpn isn't working.  Anybody have a similar problem?  Anybody have a solution?


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March 26, 2011, 01:29 AM

@xiaophil, I had the same problem.  It all seemed to coincide with a speech by Hu Jintao a couple of weeks ago that said something to the effect that the Internet should support social stability.  Coincidentally, Gmail started having glitches, Apple Computer's cloud service, MobileMe, couldn't send or receive e-mails with Chinese addresses, and various VPN's were knocked down.  The e-mail problems seem to be sorted out.

Regarding the issue that is the main topic of this thread, I suggest you contact customer support for the organization in question.  (Obviously, their web site is non-grata in China.)  If you need their e-mail address, send me a PM.  I'd provide it here, but the fewer key-words the better.

Finally, in the interests of the continuance of social stability and harmony, curtailment of further discussion of the specific topic could be considered as being in the public interest.