Help with flashcards on Ipod

March 16, 2011, 04:02 AM posted in General Discussion



I've been using Chinesepod for a few weeks and find it very helpful. I am a complete newbie when it comes to Mandarin and wanted to thank the creators of Chinesepod for coming up with such a great tool.


Anyway, I travel almost every week and also have two kids, so realisitically, I can only spend time learning Mandarin on the go - so I use the Ipod app a lot. One issue that's bugging me are the flashcards for vocabulary on my Ipod. All my new vocab downloads well onto my ipod, but I want to be able to listen the right pronunciation. Sounds are not downloaded automatically, so I first have to click on "Download" button once I am in the flashcards. However, half of the times, after I press "Download" I get "Download Failed". I get this for very specific words (like xiexie). I have good network receiption, switched my ipod off and back on. Nothing seems to help. I can't download this for 50% of the vocab which is unfortunate


Is this a bug? If it cannot be fixed, is there another flashcard program that would have sounds incorporated (I understand that anki doesn't have sounds). Or perhaps there is a setting I don't know about which would download all the sounds automatically.





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