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Helen, wǒ shàngge liǎng tiān tīng "Caught in the act", "MSM and QQ" and "Flattery in the office".

The two elementary lessons seem to be quite simple. I just encountered one question in the extension...

Bǎozhí hǎo de xíguàn tài bù róngyì le. ...Why is it "tài bù" and not "bù tài"?

Generally what is the difference between the following words?

fùzé - zérèn

biǎoyàng - kua

nùlǐ - qínfèn - rènzhēn

jìhuà - dāsuǎn

...and could you give me examples how to use the words



What are the tones on

bao jiǎozi

zhuli nántí

what do those words mean:



and a general it possible to mark the lessons for me as studied as well? I know it should be possible, but I tried to do it and the Lesson Manager took a really long time to open, so I cancelled the task.

míngtiān wǎngshàng jiàn

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