China Blues

February 26, 2011, 11:42 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi there I'm Alan an Australia business & sometimes English teacher in Nantong, Jiangsu

I've struggled to learn Chinese over the last 18 months. I attempted a few methods and then found Chinese Pod - a much better system than the computer software I'd tried and a face-to-face teacher that stuck to a book rigidly and tried to teach me characters even though I told her I didn't want that.

Now I have a Chinese wife so I'm pretty motivated - when I go to family dinners I'm the odd man out. What are they saying? I want to know! Luckily my wife speaks fair to midling English!

OK the real reason for the post. I've got the China blues. I just came back from 3 weeks in summery Oz with swimming at the beach, great coffee and cake, open space, good manners and clear skies.

I compiled a list of what I don't like about China and the Chinese:

What I don't like about the Chinese

They don’t know how to queue – they huddle, push, shove and jump in front of you.

They cheat in exams, copy homework and think they can get to the top the easy way.

They copy, pirate and steal ideas and innovation.

It’s all about “face”.

They use you to get what they want.

Their system is corrupt – officials take bribes or at least “gifts”. This is systemic and pre-dates the Communist state.

They spit, flush their nose and the men urinate in public.

The men drink liquor to the point of leglessness and needing to be escorted home by two friends.

They litter uncontrollably.

They lack altruism and charity.


There I said it and got it out. Now I can work on what I love about the Chinese! Anyone like to help me with that?

A start

I always feel safe when out walking

I have been shown great kindness when asking for directions

The hospitality is legendary



Keep the wind at your back





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