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January 07, 2011, 04:15 AM posted in General Discussion

Hi Linda,

I reactivated your old account to a "Courses" account.  A "Courses" account is what customers get when they choose to study with one of our teachers.  It's similar to our normal subscription, except all our best lessons are organized for you into UNITS which I train my teachers on.  I am also developing teaching material for these lessons which only courses' students will be able to receive. 

Your account is good until February 15th, just after Valentine's day, in hopes that you'll "LOVE" it soooooo much that you'll consider joining and signing up with one of my teachers :-)

In any case, if you don't want to sign-up with one of my teachers, I'll give you unlimited access to our premium content as long as it helps you continue your studies. We'll call that the "Friends-with-my-best-friend-Ian-Benefit".  Ian also mentioned your son Peter lives in Shanghai, so let me know if he would like a complimentary account as well.

Your experience with us is my top priority and I welcome any feedback you may have as that drives our services.  As mentioned earlier, I am currently developing custom material, such as pictures, realia (examples of "real" things like train tickets, menus etc.), and fun activities for teachers to use with our students to accompany our ChinesePod lessons, so stay tuned on our site for those updates in the next few months, and please do tell me what kinds of things YOU would like as a Chinese learner.

Good luck on your Chinese studies and don't forget to read the information below on how to view your course lessons.

1. Click on the [Home] tab above.  This will open your "Dashboard"

2. Click on the [Course] tab.  This will open the lessons I've chosen for you.  (I chose our Elementary course, but let me know if you need me to change this)

3. Download the Lesson Audio, Dialog Audio, and Review Audio files and accompanying PDF Transcript.

4. Alternatively, you can just click on the lesson and listen right on the web.

5. Enjoy!


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