Perfect progressive (the use of le)

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Basic pattern

S+ TW/AD +V +le +Nu + M + N + le

zhège yuè yǐjīng mǎi le sān běn shū le

He this month already bought 3 books (implication here is that he will buy more)

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December 20, 2010, 12:02 PM

S+ TW/AD +V +le +Nu + M + N + le

 她  今年 看了一百本书了

Tā jīnniān kàn le yī bái běn shū le

She already read 100 books this year.

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December 20, 2010, 12:07 PM

S+ TW/AD +V +le +Nu + M + N + le

李连杰 这年 做了 三 个 电影 了

Lí3 Lián jiě jīnniān zuò le sān ge diànyǐng le

Jet Li this year made 3 films .

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December 20, 2010, 12:28 PM

I'm cutting and pasting Mikeinewshot's vocabulary list here as a  way to practice using new words from lessons.  This list is from the World Cup Football lesson of 2006

惊讶 jīngyà amazed / astonished / to surprise / amazing / astonishment / awe
流露 liu2 lu4 (v) express; reveal (one's thoughts or feelings)
应景 yìngjǐng according with the times / seasonal
一辈子 yí bèi zi the whole life
踢足球 tī zú qiú play football
更加 gèngjiā more (than sth else) / even more
特定 te4 ding4 special / specific / designated / particular / designated
术语 shu4 yu3 term / terminology
强壮 qiang2 zhuang4 strong / sturdy / robust
有道理 you3 dao4 li3 that makes sense, is reasonable
风水 feng1 shui3 fengshui / geomancy
概念 gai4 nian4 concept / idea
线索 xiàn suǒ clue
场地 chǎngdì space / site / place / sports pitch
好处 hao3 chu5 benefit / advantage
周围 zhōuwéi surroundings / environment / to encompass
齐心协力 qíxīnxiélì to work with a common purpose (idiom); to make concerted efforts / to pull together / to work as one
打仗 da3 zhang4 to fight a battle / to go to war
主办 zhu3 ban4 host (a conference or sports event)
整容 zhěnɡ rónɡ spruce up/face-lifting
人员 ren2 yuan2 staff / crew / personnel
组合 zu3 he2 assemble
派兵 pàibīng to dispatch troops
教育 jiao4 yu4 to educate / to teach / education
忽略 hu1 lüe4 (v) forget about; neglect; leave out by mistake
形式 xing2 shi4 form / shape / situation / circumstance
持续 chíxù to continue / to persist / sustainable / preservation
母语 mu3 yu3 native language / mother language ???
忽视 hu1 shi4 neglect / ignore
头衔 tou2 xian2 title
严格 yan2 ge2 strict / stringent / tight / rigorous
皇冠 huang2 guan1 crown (headgear)
保卫 bao3 wei4 defend / safeguard
荣誉 rong2 yu2 honor
袭击 xíjī an attack (esp. surprise attack) / raid / to attack
冷门 leng3 men2 unexpected winner, dark horse
爆出冷门 bao4 chu1 leng3 men2 produce an unexpected winner
进行 jin4 xing2 to advance / to conduct / underway / in progress / to do / to carry out / to carry on / to conduct / to execute
窄 zhai3 narrow
同一 tong2 yi1 identical / the same
思想 si1 xiang3 thought / thinking / idea
敌视 di2 shi4 (v) be antagonistic
排斥 pai2 chi4 to reject / to exclude / to eliminate / to remove / to repel
位置 wei4 zhi5 position / place / seat
消遣 xiao1 qian3 amusement / pastime / diversion
乐趣 le4 qu4 delight / pleasure / joy
活动 huo2 dong4 activity / exercise / behavior
成绩 cheng2 ji4 achievement / performance records / grades

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Now that i've look at this vocabulary list in more detail, I'm back to square one on my personal use of them. :-) But maybe others will find the vocabulary above helpful to create sentences.

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December 20, 2010, 12:46 PM

Mikeinewshot's list from the Calligraphy lesson might be more my speed.

古典 gǔ diǎn classical

文化 wén huà culture / civilization / cultural

艺术 yì shù art

有关系 yǒu guān xi to relate to / to be relevant / to have involvement / to have connections

理解 lǐ jiě to comprehend / understanding / comprehension / to understand

本身 běn shēn itself / in itself / per se

乱 luàn in confusion / disorderly

组成 zǔ chéng component / part / element / constitute / make up

书写 shū xiě to write

法则 fǎ zé (n) law; rule; code

方式 fāng shì way (of life) / pattern / style / mode / manner

 程度 chéng dù degree (level or extent) / level

 特定 tè dìng special / specific / designated / particular / designated

模仿 mó fǎng to imitate / to copy

 临摹 lín mó to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting, etc.)

基础 jī chǔ base / foundation / basis

样本 yàng běn sample / specimen

 概念 gài niàn concept / idea

宝贝 bǎo bèi treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character

毛笔 máo bǐ writing brush

磨 mò grindstone ?

墨 mò China ink / ink stick

砚台 yàn tai ink slab

 拷贝 kǎo bèi to copy

直接 zhí jiē direct (opposite of indirect) / immediate / directly / straightforward

吸收 xī shōu absorb / assimilate

概括 gài kuò summarize / generalize / briefly

细腻 xì nì fine, smooth

笔画 bǐ huà strokes of a Chinese character

天资 tiān zī natural talent

规则 guī zé rule / regulation / rules and regulations

尊重 zūn zhòng to value (something) / to esteem / to respect (eg rules)

端正 duān zhèng upright / regular / proper / correct – smooth and flowing

体现 tǐ xiàn to embody / to reflect / to give expression to / to be reflected in / exemplify 自如 zì rú smoothly, freely

软笔 ruǎn bǐ soft brush