Advanced/media-changing teachers

October 15, 2010, 03:23 PM posted in General Discussion

Hello, I have written this before somewhere on one of the advanced lesson's wall posts a while back, however it seems like there nothing has been done at all to change it. I love listening to the advanced and media lessons, however I think, as I said before, it would be nice (for the ear) and also very beneficial for our chinese learning to switch up the teachers. It seems as if over the past few months Jenny rarely records the advanced/media lessons (which is sad because I loved listening to her and her humour) and it seems as if the only teachers are David, Connie and Jiaojie. I like all three of these hosts, and think they are excellent teachers, however please, please, please can you change it round abit...I thought xiaoxia was absolutely amazing at the advanced lessons, her voice was so fast, yet also clear. Also the guys, Leguan, jeff, it was so nice to hear a change. Please, if you can't get xiaoxia, leguan or jeff back to do some more recordings (along with david, jiaojie and connie), please could you get some other people/teachers to come and do some recordings. I just think this would be so useful for our chinese learning, and it would stop each lesson being the same. Please can you switch up the presenters in the advanced and media lessons, for example, even if it was David or Jiaojie or Connie + a different person, I would be happy. It is just I think always having David and Jiaojie, or David and Connie, or Connie and Jiaojie, this just gets so repeptitive. At the end of every lesson is always the comment "if you have any comments or things you want come to the website"--I really hope you c-pod are able to take my comment into account and maybe let me know if something is being done towards getting back some of the old teachers or hiring new teachers. I have just checked todays latest lesson and....surprise surprise it is...David and Jiaojie...again. Please don't anyone be offended by what I am writing here, I think David, Jiaojie and Connie are all great, I just would like some change/alternating of teachers. Not the same people over and over again. Please c-pod.  

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