New LV bags by spring fashion trends

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New LV bags by spring fashion trends

2011 years louis vuitton handbags The trend is pure and fresh and natural, straightforward, leisure, it is a new new features.

A: single feature of inclined shoulder across big animals hair color and the transition will be the perfect combination

Today season popularity: bright colourful powder dazzling grass green will spring breath to our side, stylist clever the fox wool tail ornament in chanel handbags The naughty little side, the temperament gucci bags Jude however.

Tie-in proposal: suitable for any dress up, complex replica bags OR Simple is the perfect combination.

louis vuitton handbags Characteristics: the tassel, continue ruggedly primitive miu miu handbags Coriaceous with natural breath. Pop: will this season with the combination of nigger-brown cortex, the wind restoring ancient ways tassel hasn't been allayed, concise design will recreational style into mainstream, or shoulders or inclined cross will make you look handsome roundly.

Tie-in proposal: comfortable sports leisure series for overall modelling graces many.louis vuitton handbags Characteristics: big bag city-building fabric and cowboy fashion .

Today season popularity: don't think back up big bucket package must go travel season for the young woman LV will end times this season, exaggerated and comfortable become soft cloth and main, bull-puncher fabrics will be natural feeling into your life.

Tie-in proposal: the collapse of the natural wide dress most. louis vuitton handbagsFour: the characteristics of large bag as the new partner daily

Today season popularity: personality and alternative to the development of the bag, often without what things will pack to pack enthusiasts travel apparently people already fondle admiringly.

Tie-in proposal: the cruel feels dye-in-the-wood is tie-in dress must lead to lead, such as wide neuter suit, etc.

 women handbags Five: transition color characteristics of old bag will do

Today season popularity: classical LOGO printing color cloth in transition, LV new tricks always emerge in endlessly, this paragraph above a few bags, collocation is popular is simple.

Louis vuitton handbags Tie-in proposal: comfortable clothing and comfortable atmosphere and the bag is the best match.

With a famous bag women handbags Is every woman's dream. However, in our bags, if the noble taste one not careful, sprinkle some champagne or red wine, a little stains will let you dearly very. So, if you really meet the above situation, don't worry, use the following nine methods to save your brand bag.

1Accidentally let louis vuitton handbags Portfolio with oil, with soft cloth to wipe with glasses (such as the cloth to wipe grease, reoccupy cleanness fluid (had better use of high-grade detergent wiped afresh, etc.) must be gentle.

2Leather with gum chewing gum, first will remove (don't use the apparatus to dig hard except), reoccupy flannelette wiped repeatedly.

3When stained with plenty of oil and dirt, with moderate temperature of water washing powder, then wipe with a soft cloth to wipe gently.

4Dirt is wiped, use clean, can achieve anointed the new-look effect. But after cleaning, reoccupy does cloth to wipe seriously.

5when chanel handbags Leather and sprinkle with beer, soda, coffee etc, with soft cloth dips in water, then wipe with low concentration of detergent water is wiped.

6gucci bags Once a week bag can best be big, clean soft cotton cloth or flannelette water soak twist dry hind wipe gently.

7Serious besmirch, best service, to store requirements and protective paint. Many international brands have similar services provided.

8For a long time, the direct light and heat will make purse bata decoloring, color and product variant. Girls make up water such things had better not directly on the bag, can use cosmetic bag women handbags .

9Once a month with a fresh water according to the proportion than a mixed with soft cloth dips in mixture. This method can not only effectively remove dust also helped to prolong the life of leather replica handbags

Key: after must wipe with a clean cloth, otherwise very easy to stink.

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