Getting a 12 month F-visa is not impossible!

October 08, 2010, 03:09 AM posted in General Discussion

The Asian Games is coming. Guangzhou vitizen are very excited about it. However, as a foreign businessman here, it means getting a visa appovement or extention becomes more and more difficult. I had tried to look for many channels to solve my visa extention but in vain…. I was very frustrated because I had to leave China and gave up my business trip. When I got Hong Kong, I met a friend occasionally who said he is able to help me get a legally issued one year F visa. So I attended a “Happy Visa Tour” which he told me in Hong Kong and finally I did get it!! Thanks God!!! I believe that there must be many other people like me in China who are worrying about their visa problem. So I write this to try to help people out. If you have some difficulties in getting a visa extention here, you can contact 020-62626135 (They are a visa agent company.) or you can visit for more information. I hope they still have this kind of special visa tour and probably they can help you get a 12 months visa too. Wish you good luck.

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