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October 07, 2010, 09:18 PM posted in General Discussion

Hi! I work with a Chinese lady who speaks spotty English. Over the past four years I've learned how to understand her 'Engrese' (English/Chinese). ;) When I originally started working for her I had an interest in learning Mandarin but over time I was just too busy to devote any time to learning.

Two weeks ago I accompanied her on a business trip. We met three Chinese fellows. When we left the one said something, the second laughed and repeated it to Sue and she laughed and said: He just said you're very pretty.

Whoops! Now I understand why I should have learned the language ages ago! HAHA. That incident resparked my interest in the language.

Since then I have encountered the 'she's very pretty' fellow again and this time I was able to thank him in HIS language for the compliment!!! (Of course then he asked if I'd like him as a boyfriend and I was too shocked to respond - unless blushing is considered a response - but oh well!)

All thanks to you guys!


I am very excited to continue lessons and as soon as my trial ends I will be signing up for an account. Your lessons are very easy.

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October 08, 2010, 02:09 AM

Hi nickybr38,

Welcome to ChinesePod!

If you're interested, the two newbie lessons below include some good phrases for giving compliments:

Hope to see you again soon on the discussion boards!

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Thank you. :)