The international brand mark my bag lack of high-grade brand state

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The international brand mark my bag lack of high-grade brand state


Our country is leather bags exporter, has been occupied with low price in the international market, can not deny that is an advantage, but in the domestic market, but is too low, serious damage to the interests of consumers. After the financial crisis, many enterprises have to walk again low end the market, not only to understand the true way brand construction, but many enterprises and didn't spend idea to research the market situation in China, don't know bags in the market is what kind of brand. Domestic market, longitudinal see the world-top bags, like Louis vuitton handbabsGUCCI bagschanel bagsFENDIMIUMIU bagsMIUMIU shoesChristian Louboutin pumpsTory Burch Shoesreplica Jimmy Choo All such big domestic market, although already in this kind of products are currently occupy the market share is not much, but it is enough for the market demand, after all, can afford luxuries only a minority of women. China's top female bag in the market but is almost blank, many ordinary white-collar workers are for buy an appropriate bag and worry, they accept penetration level, buy a world-class stars is extravagant, also enough ability, buy big loss of dignity, imitate their low-end market wouldn't go to visit, so they bought package for confusion.

These common white-collar confusion in China is lack of brand and bags, of entrepreneurs with strategic vision is to see from these loopholes and opportunities for the target for brand building. The market economic crisis since the blank not only produce, but after never, in the domestic market, and also some early "smell" to this opportunity, and use this space successfully brand marketing, treasure rand is a good example, louis vuitton handbags .

POWERLAND The China market has six years, but he is always bags market in the international, guilin, an economic crisis, POWERLAND But instead of selecting, contrarian. What makes it so huge success? Early in the Chinese market penetration, before it was for the Chinese market and have found that Chinese female bag market besides international top luxury brands, middle and high-end female bag is almost blank market in China, especially the lack of independent brands. With the rapid development of China's economy, the white-collar, decorative clothing accessories for consumers, especially female bag higher requirements. See China's huge market after female bag, 2003, the lender, investment group respectively in guangzhou, fujian establish production bases, POWERLAND marks the international brands in China investment operation. Start

Those who are in the brand construction or plan into the brand construction enterprise may calm down to think about the market, the brand absence problems, find a brand positioning, into the purpose of the brand. Wholesale women shoes, replica bags .








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