louis vuitton handbags

September 28, 2010, 09:54 AM posted in General Discussion

Louis Vuitton founded in 1854, affiliated with the luxury goods produced exclusively senior Moet Hennessy depend Vuitton group. Louis vuitton is founder.

LV first generation is a founder of the nineteenth century palace noble packing bags for travel, he made the mechanic, it will gradually technology from Paris throughout Europe, become the most delicate travel products. Out of leather, scarves, or pen, watches, even clothing, all depend on Vuitton 150 years to advocate delicate, quality, comfortable "travel" philosophy, as the basis of design.

Louis vuitton has 150 years brand, quality, the advocation delicate comfortable "travel" philosophy, as the basis of design... Louis Vuitton handbags (the name now depend Vuitton) of the world, the most delicate as the symbol of travel products.http://www.bagsnest.com .

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