Improving lesson discovery - To Catherine - Search features

September 05, 2010, 02:40 AM posted in General Discussion

Hi, my problem with the new search options is that the result list is no longer in level order… the lessons are all mixed up, newbie with upper intermediate then newbie again, etc… They should come up like before, in level order, to facilitate search, otherwise it takes longer than before to find what we want… I dont like this search thing at all now…

There needs to be more sorting buttons on your site… I keep writing it but nothing yet… any list should have sorting preferences options… that's basic: by most recent / by level / by most occurences of the word / or anything else useful… I am always frustrated because I cannot sort my lists the way I want them… sorting is a preference matter and you cannot impose your view on all of us (by lesson number does nothing to help us). Maybe I remember I saw a lesson a few weeks ago so I want to sort by most recent… or maybe I remember it was ELIE level… then I want by level.

The same is true for my dashboard… I wish there were more sorting options…. sorting is soooo basic to anything… take Access, Excel… every basic software does it… why… because it is SOOO useful. I was looking for a lesson I did a few months ago the other day and it took me FOREVER to find it... no help this new search feature...

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