month 5 lessons

August 25, 2010, 08:33 PM posted in General Discussion

早上好启静 good morning Grace,

对不起我现在给你写英文,我今天晚上太累了看看不认识的单字用电词典。My proposal for next month vocabulary is going around "the body" ... I've found that I'm still not familar with chinese terms for leg, arm, neck, stomach, liver ... (e.g. everything behind the "meridians") and so on. May be there are some lessons around the body with chinese medicine, anatomy, acupuncture, taichi or qigong movements. A nice add on could be some chinese cooking receipe :) or a kitchen mystery.

My main objective till end of this year is to increase the number of known chinese characters ... currently I may be able to read ~400 but only to write half of them. I have a separate book for this ("learning Chinese with Mrs. Zhang") and 2 hours (lessons) per week. Nevertheless we should continue the weekly lessons as usual (1 elementary + 1 intermediate).


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