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清谈 Salary Negotiation

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ID: 4610 Upper Intermediate
Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson is all about 清谈 Salary Negotiations in China.
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资深 zīshēn veteran (journalist etc); senior; highly experienced
工作人员 gōngzuòrényuán staff member
争取 zhēngqǔ to fight for; to strive for; to win over
项目 xiàngmù item; project; (sports) event
qǐng bāng wǒ zhǎo yīgē zīshēn de yīshēng 。
Please get me a senior doctor.
zài gōngzuò shàng rúguǒ yǒu rènhé wèntí dehuà ,kěyǐ wèn zīshēn de gōngzuòrényuán 。
If you have any problems at work, you can turn to senior employees.
yào zhēngqǔ hǎo xiàngmù ,bìxv1 nǔlì zuò hǎo xǔduō zhǔnbèi 。
In order to get the good object, you have to work hard and be well-prepared.
tā yīnwèi méiyǒu shénme nénglì ,suǒyǐ hé lǎobǎn tí jiāxīn de shíhou ,yīdiǎnr5 dǐqì dōu méiyǒu 。
Because he is not very competent, he had no confidence when he asked the boss for a raise.
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