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Posted on: Tips While Living in China - Part 2
January 21, 11:27 PM

I absolutely loved this lesson, but I have to be honest: I only post comments so that Rebecca answers to me!

Posted on: Tips While Living in China - Part 1
January 17, 09:53 PM

Nice as always!!

Posted on: 清谈: 关系在中国文化的重要性
January 08, 06:41 PM

Nice lesson!! Just found a little mistake in the 3rd example of the "Dialogue" tab, there's a 的 where there should be a 地 after 无预警. Anyway, awesome work!

Posted on: 清谈 Online Video Platforms
January 06, 07:16 PM

Nice as always! I think there's a little error in the exercises though, when matching 铁粉 with "Anti-fan".

Posted on: Skype Call with Norman Guo - Staying Motivated
January 04, 07:21 PM

Real good stuff here, keep it up!!

Posted on: Digital Currency in China
January 03, 05:48 PM

Very nice!

Posted on: Talking business in China
January 02, 05:32 PM

Very interesting!! ❤

Posted on: Learn Mandarin From Movies : 后来的我们 (Us & Them) Part 3
January 01, 03:45 PM

Loved it!! Very good work!