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清谈: 关系在中国文化的重要性

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ID: 4585 Upper Intermediate
Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson is all about 清谈 Relationships.
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走后门 zǒuhòumén lit. to enter by the back door; fig. to gain influence by pull or unofficial channels; back door or under the counter connections
亲戚 qīnqi a relative (i.e. family relation)
引荐 yǐnjiàn to recommend sb
试用期 shìyòngqī trial period
tīngshuō Wáng gē shì qùnián zǒuhòumén jìn gōngsī de 。tā a ,shì lǎobǎn de qīnqi 。
I heard that Wang joined the company by pulling some strings last year. He is a relative of the boss.
wǒ juéde nǐ fēicháng shìhé wǒmen de gōngsī ,wǒ yīdìng bǎ nǐ yǐnjiàn gěi wǒmen lǎobǎn rènshi 。
I think you're a good fit in our company. I will definitely introduce you to our boss.
Wáng jiě jìngrán wú yùjǐng de líkāi le gōngsī ,tīngshuō tā shì chūguó jìxù dúshū le 。
Wang left the company without warning. I heard she went abroad to continue her studies.
tā yīnwèi shílì bùgòu ,suǒyǐ sān ge yuè de shìyòngqī guòhòu jiù bèi chǎoyóuyú le 。
He was fired after a three-month probation because he wasn't competent enough.
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