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Posted on: Warcraft in China
March 26, 2010, 08:03 AM


I havent heard the lesson yet, but I will definitely listen to it when i get time, as a chinese learner and wow player this is a very very helpful and nice topic to learn. I have played 魔兽世界 in china, and when I came back to europe, I joined a chinese gaming community on european servers, typing and chatting over voicechat in chinese. I know quite a few people that could use this, even though I myself dont see myself as upper intermediate just yet.

In response to the game being waste of time, while i believe there should be a balance in time spend and having other things to do is healthy, I myself learned a lot of Chinese by playing this game in chinese, like I did when learning English, by playing English games, practicing listening and spoken skills over voicechat.

Chinesepod, best ever, 我们是魔兽玩家!( , War on internet addiction)