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Warcraft in China

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ID: 1383 Upper Intermediate
World of Warcraft is popular in China, but not nearly as popular as the Warcraft III-based LAN game, Defense of the Ancients. In this lesson, learn how to talk Warcraft III in Mandarin Chinese while also learning a bit about how Chinese gamers view WoW.
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兽人 shòurén orc
总攻 zǒnggōng general offensive
dāng to regard as
箭塔 jiàntǎ Arrow Tower
chōng a ,chōng a ,shòurén zǒnggōng kāishǐ le !
Go! Go! The Orcs have started their offensive!
nǐ dāng wǒ de jiàntǎ dōu shì jiǎ de a ,wǒ dōu shēngdào dǐngjí děng zhe nǐ ne 。
You think my Arrow Towers are nothing. They're leveled up all the way and waiting for you.
wǒ de niútóurén xiě duō ,cái bù pà nǐ 。
My Tauren has a lot of life. I'm not afraid of you.
ànyèjīnglíng ,kuài pài nǐ de bīng chūqù dǎ ,tā de dàbùduì dōu zài wǒ zhèr ne 。
Night Elves, hurry and make the order to attack. His main forces are over here by me.
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