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Posted on: Future fun with 会 (hui4), 要 (yao4), and 将 (jiang1)
April 30, 2012, 12:51 PM

You can think of it as 在 -- You're card will expire (at/on) the 20th of June. You'll often see 将于 - "will at/on", or 在于 basically "at" - Hope that helps!

Posted on: 理财
April 28, 2012, 12:50 AM

Question about '。。。也。。。不到哪儿去‘ structure. Can you use more than single character phrases like 漂亮,清楚,etc? More than two characters doesn't sound natural to me but I could be wrong. Could you say 明白也明白不到哪儿去, 有意思也有意思不到哪儿去。 贵也贵不到哪儿去?

These are from the podcast:

亏也亏不到哪儿去 – 你不会亏很多. 你就算是亏了但是这个亏不会亏得很厉害 – Here it’s saying, “You’ll lose (money) but you won’t lose a lot / or all of it.”

好也好不到哪儿去 – 就算是好但不是非常非常好 – “It’s good but it’s not fantastic.” It’s “not a lot” of good, but it’s good nonetheless.

帅也帅不到哪儿去 - ”He’s handsome but not extremely handsome.”

丑也丑不到哪儿去 – “He’s ugly but not terribly ugly.”

赚也赚不到哪儿去 – 你会赚但是不会赚很多 – “You’ll earn/make money but you won’t make a lot.”

Posted on: Complaining About The Boss
April 25, 2012, 02:57 PM