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Complaining About The Boss

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ID: 0743 Upper Intermediate
There are "The Office" type bosses, and Godfather-styled mafia type bosses, and, granted, though most workplaces bosses don't ridicule you or kill you and claim you turned in state's evidence, they all usually give you something to complain about. In this podcast learn how to, in Mandarin Chinese.
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臭骂 chòumà to scold angrily
成天 chéngtiān all day long
guà to hang
马屁精 mǎpìjīng brown noser
Wáng jīnglǐ jīntiān jiào nǐ qù gànmá ?
What did Manager Wang make you do today?
bié tí le ,bǎ wǒ chòumà yī dùn 。shuō wǒ shàngbān shíjiān chéngtiān guà zài MSN 、QQ shàng 。tā zìjǐ bù yě shì ?fǒuzé zěnme zhīdào wǒ zài shàngmian ?
Don't ask. He reemed me out. He said all my work time is spent on MSN and QQ. Isn't he the same? Otherwise how would he know I'm on it?
zhège mǎpìjīng ,kànjiàn zhè liǎng tiān zǒnggōngsī yǒurén lái ,jiù chéngtiān zhǎo wǒmen máfan 。
That brown noser, the past couple days he saw there was someone from head office here, so all day long kept trying to give us trouble.
jiùshì ,píngshí zìjǐ méi yī tiān zhǔnshí dào 。zhè liǎng tiān hènbude tiān bù liàng jiù lái 。zhēn huì yǎnxì !
Exactly. Ordinarily he himself never arrives on time. The past couple days he's itching to get here before the sun is even up. He really knows how to put on a show.
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