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Posted on: Fasten that Safety Belt
November 08, 2010, 02:02 PM

Yes Bob (Rj) is right about me, I would go back with him in a heartbeat, we were there this time exactly last year and I really loved being in China, loved the cultural aspect of China, & the scenic areas and wouldnt mind living there if given the opportunity, I was able to visit Shanghai and Foshan with him for 3 weeks but I think I liked Foshan alittle better even though it was so hot and humid at that time compared to Shanghai, I had first 2 weeks to explore during the day on my own while he was working at the Foshan plant (reason for our trip) and I felt completely safe walking around all the little shops along the streets or going to the salon and didnt have too much language trouble (I had prepared flashcards just in case) yea I was stared at alot (I guess because of my blonde hair) or maybe they dont see alot of westerners in Foshan, I think only one time we were called laowai's that was at our hotel and we just laughed because we understood what they were saying but they didnt know we understood them, it did seem that people spoke English more to us in Shanghai than Foshan. I liked Shanghai (even though the first thing I noticed was a bad smell, I guess thats the sewer system) loved walking around the city and seeing so many people doing so many different things, but I thought Shanghai was too busy, with lots of construction going on everywhere & seems everyone was always in a hurry to get somewhere, especially the taxi drivers, that would be my worst experience-riding in the taxi's, and my fear of running into something or someone, Bob on the other hand just leaned back in the taxi and closed his eyes, the first time I was in shock and asked him "arent you worried" he says "nope, wouldnt matter anyway they know what they are doing so quit worrying about it and relax" I know he has been there many times before so I tried not to think about our lives being in the hands of this crazy driver who I hoped was paying good attention to the other drivers and the road, & we always managed to get there in one piece, on the way back to the Shanghai airport that driver drove so fast we got there in under 45 min which was record time according to Bob. The food was all good/different but still delicious in its own way (except the chicken feet, I refused to try any feet of any kind) I loved Hot Pot, the spicier the better we ate so many good things in China, dont think I ever seen so many shoe stores in my life, or photography places or flower shops, and I was surprised by the style of the "Many" shopping Malls, they are built up to be tall with many floors instead of long rows of stores like our Malls, luckily for Bob I am really not into shopping or I could of went crazy with the amount of stores in China, I could definitely see us living there someday and enjoying it, I'm looking forward to going back as soon as I get the chance to go again :)

Posted on: The Lazy Child
August 27, 2010, 06:05 PM

apparently there are alot of latch key kids in china so it could be normal that kids make their own dinner, or maybe the mother has left something she prepared earlier, I think kids are left alone at much early ages than in the US or other places, nobody there thinks its strange

Posted on: Going on a Picnic
August 04, 2010, 11:22 AM

here is a site that has alot of info regarding chinese food  (If I can add the link correctly) and you can find names for food dishes and fruits/ vegetables that you might or might not be familiar with, includes pictures of them so you can try to identify when you see them. If you dont have a chinese person with you when you order they will sometimes have english menu too, but that wont necessarily help because you wont know how its prepared and with what other ingredients, and that could get interesting.

Posted on: 电影故事一
April 26, 2010, 03:22 AM

I am not subscribed to the advanced group and yet I can see advanced comments on my home page (dashboard) and the community page. I can also comment as you can see. Evidently the filter is not working.