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Posted on: How to Use 在 (zài)
September 15, 01:47 AM

I'm finally catching up to recent comments 🥳

Posted on: Using 又 (yòu) and 再 (zài)
August 04, 12:37 AM

I'm having dinner with my partner and they are chewing loudly with their mouth open. I ask them to stop, and briefly they do. Then, suddenly the start chewing loudly with their mouth open and I say "You're doing it again!"

What would be the proper way to use "again" in this sentence?

Posted on: Important Measure Words for Food and Drink
July 31, 08:22 PM

SO, did you yawn too?

Posted on: Can You Grab Lunch? (using néng)
July 31, 04:13 AM

help helps

Posted on: Nope, You Cannot!
July 31, 03:50 AM

and to top it off the Star Wars reference is just 👌

Posted on: Nope, You Cannot!
July 31, 03:44 AM

This is my favorite video by CPod I've seen to date. Not the material, but the format of the video is so enjoyable and easy to look at

Posted on: Asking for a Phone Number
July 28, 10:29 PM

I'd like to second the mistake in vocabulary between yi and yao. While they both can be used to mean one, I believe the character for yi is 一, but the character for yao is 幺. Is this correct?

Posted on: Two Movie Tickets Please
July 22, 07:47 PM

I was transported here from the newbie section. Can't say I understood much 🤣 I'm looking forward to revisiting this lesson.

Posted on: How Many Zeroes?
July 22, 12:40 AM

the second counting of large numbers; the pinyin does not match audio

Posted on: Forming Questions with 吗 ma
July 20, 06:30 PM

The onscreen pinyin for 水 is missing some pinyin