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Going to the Dentist

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ID: 0275 Pre Intermediate
We’re as confused as you are, with the whole, “why do dentists ask in-depth questions while working on your teeth?” concept. But we can tell you this: you might want to be able to get yourself to the dentist and learn how to say “cavity” in Chinese. In this podcast, learn to communicate with your dentist in Mandarin Chinese about what ails ya. Don’t think you need this info? Ask Aric about getting a wisdom tooth pulled with no (as in *none whatsoever*) painkiller/numbing agent.
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lǎo always
检查 jiǎnchá to inspect
jiáo to chew
钻心般 zuānxīn bān piercingly painful
医生,我最近老牙疼, 你能帮我看看吗?
yīshēng ,wǒ zuìjìn lǎo yá téng , nǐ néng bāng wǒ kànkan ma ?
Doctor, recently I’ve had a toothache. Can you take a look at it?
hǎo de 。lái ,zuòxia ,zhāngdà zuǐ ,wǒ bāng nǐ jiǎncháyīxià 。nǐ shì zuǒ xià fāng de dàyá téng ?
Sure. Come and sit down, open your mouth, and I will take a look. Is it the molar on the lower left side that is sore?
shìde shìde 。wǒ yī yòng zuǒbian yáchǐ jiáo dōngxi ,jiù huì yǒu zuānxīn bān de téngtòng ,zhēn nánshòu 。
Yes, yes. As soon as I use the teeth on the left side of my mouth to chew things, I feel a piercing sort of pain. It’s really terrible.
nǐ kàn ,nǐ zuǒ xià fāng yǒu yī kē zhùyá ,yǐjīng bèi zhù le yī ge dà dòng le 。
Look, your lower left side molar has some decay. It has already turned into a big cavity.
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