May 29, 2010, 07:36 PM posted in General Discussion

I have been floundering trying to learn Mandarin from too many sources at once! I have been trying to locate a word list arranged by number of pinyin "syllables" by tone. For examply, I'd like a list of one-"syllable" first tone words, then one-syllable second tone words, etc.

It seems to me that I have seen this somewhere, but I can't find it. Must I compile it myself? I'd rather not, though I will if I have to. Xiè xie! 


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May 29, 2010, 11:16 PM

Why have a list arranged by tone? I don't think I've seen such a list anywhere, so I think you will have to compile it yourself.

You say 'syllables' and then you say 'words'. These are two different things.

By syllables, do you mean characters? For example, do you want nán counted 3 times: 男 (nán = male), 南 (nán = south), 难 (nán = difficult) ? Or do you want it counted only once - is it only the sound that is important to you and not the meaning?

And do you want derivative words, such as 男人 (nánrén = man), 南京 (nánjīng = Nanjing), 难看 (nánkàn = ugly) ?

And are you looking for a newbie-only level list? It really isn't clear what you are looking for. And I ask again, why order by tone?